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Sakhalin regular line

Wakkanai, Korsakov regular line of 2018 finishes navigation of this year with navigation on Friday, September 21.
About navigation schedules of 2019, it becomes undecided at present. We will tell in this page as soon as the details are decided.

          Wakkanai, Korsakov route use ship <penguin 32> of 2018

※Entry with "electronic visa" is enabled, and, from 2018, Korsakov Port lists matter necessary for homepage (electronic visa application site) of Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, in what we apply for, the visa acquisition is enabled more easily than to this. As precaution about the emigration and immigration with this "electronic visa" is published in homepage of the living-in-Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Japan consulate general, please confirm.

Precaution about the emigration and immigration in Korsakov Port using electronic visa in Russia is this

About electronic visa : Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japanese)


Contact information

Construction industry part Sakhalin section
3-13-15, Chuo, Wakkanai-shi
Exchange promotion group 23-6486 (directly)

Inquiry by email is this

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