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North breakwater Dome

Photograph of north breakwater Dome

 It is Minoru Tsuchiya who was 26 years old in those days who designer graduates from Hokkaido University, and started for his new post as engineer of Hokkaido Prefectural Government in Wakkanai harbor construction office in the third year.

 It is breakwater which write in 1936 from 1931, and was built for the purpose of preventing that spray of wave suffers from road and railroad to know here when north Wharf was used as pad of former Karafuto route.

 It is symbol of turnout tta, and, as for the corridor about big column and gentle curve to hark back to Roman Empire building, even the world attracts internal and external as building which there is not of kind attention in people going over to Karafuto.

  Because deterioration was remarkable after half a century, repair work is carried out totally for three years from 1978, and the unique scenery revives in 1980, and obstacle is 8m, total extension 427m, total number 70 of pillar, semiarch-type construction from 13.6m in height, the inside of pillar. We are appointed to Hokkaido inheritance in 2001.

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