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ichioshi information!

With expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease in each places of the whole country, city sightseeing facilities become closing for prevention of infection.
Look at the details such as the facilities closing situation from this.
It is ... over Hokkaido inheritance from ... Wakkanai Airport to straight Soyamisaki
Top sightseeing bus (Soyamisaki Airport Line) navigates this year.

For more information, look here.
[Hokkaido supports Golden Kamui.] Under AR stamp rally 3 enforcement!

Let's go round stages of TV animation "Golden Kamui"!
From Wakkanai-shi 2 facilities in conjunction with Karafuto at check-in spot of AR stamp rally!
For more details, from formal HP!
It supports foreign tourist
It recruits "members of Community Revitalization Aid"!

We demand to be able to make guidebooks into in Chinese!
For more information, look here.
[Wakkanai sightseeing Meister certification examination held decision]

Wakkanai sightseeing Meister official approval is held on Sunday, October 25, 2020 in 2020!

Application becomes empty on Friday, August 14!
 For more details, from this page!

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Of trip is tour guide book brochure together

Charm of the Wakkanai four seasons

Wakkanai sightseeing Meister

Wakkanai foot pass area resources infinity University nationwide development project

Cycling information of Wakkanai

Film Commission where does not have circle

Valuable Information

  • We open with window that weather of Wakkanai is new
  • Tourist information center
  • Neighboring sightseeing
  • Summary and history of city
  • We open with window that Wakkanai Tourism Association is new
  • Wakkanai-shi

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The best time to see, good time to eat

Fishery products, seaweed

The last update date: July 29, 2020

  • Whelk


    (from April to October)
    We cannot swim a stroke, and ezobora breaks shell deliciously, and fried spiral shellfish that blue spiral shellfish drops liquor and soy sauce on net and bakes provides the body and we finish chipping thing which well took slime with salt thinly and do and eat with wasabi soy sauce. We can enjoy fragrance of beach which is as good as abalone.

  • Scallop
    It is delicious time now It is delicious time now
  • onago (sand lance)
    It is delicious time now It is delicious time now
  • Whelk
    It is delicious time now It is delicious time now
  • hokkaishimaebi (hokkaiebi)
    It is delicious time now It is delicious time now
  • List of fishery products, seaweed
  • We open with window that Facebook that does not have top circle is new
  • Adult north Soya
  • Hometown tax "Wakkanai-shi top support fund of Japan"
  • Let's go to ANA Travelers Wakkanai! We open with new window
  • ANA Travelers Hokkaido supports Golden Kamui. We open with window that AR stamp rally 3 is new
  • Top of Japan. Hokkaido route which came
  • We see the sights in Sakhalin ensemble "Ruth key teremu" Wakkanai-shi and publicize!
  • Safe information of Hokkaido trip

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